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Great marketing opportunity

Integration of the global market resources, through the Exhibition Platform, the Media, DM advertising brochure, E-commerce, SMS platform, Industry Associations and other marketing channels to provide a full range of marketing promotion opportunities before and after the exhibition for enterprises. To improve the influence of brands, expand product visibility, go straight to target customers with the most direct and efficient platform.

Before the Exhibition :Enhance the influence of your brand

Through printing materials, websites, electronic newsletters and other channels, it has promoted to the senior management of more than 100,000 domestic cleaning enterprises, so as to increase your enterprise’s popularity and help your product marketing.

During the Exhibition :expand your product exposure

On-site advertising and printing: make use of eye-catching billboards, printed advertising, venue sponsorship, etc., to promote and expand the popularity of your booth to professional audiences, buyers and agents at home and abroad.

Activity Sponsorship : Through the sponsorship of on-site activities, establish a good brand image, and further improve the visibility of the enterprise.

After the Exhibition : improve your return rate of participation

By means of printed materials, electronic newsletters and catalogues of the exhibition, your target customers will be informed of the past, stabilize your exhibition orders and improve your return rate of participation.

In addition to the promotion of the exhibition’s own brand promotion and audience organization, CCE will also be able to tailor a series of marketing plan for you, including target customer invitation, concurrent meetings sponsorship, exhibition site advertising, etc., together with the exhibition promotion, can help you more help you more effectively target customers, enhance the brand image of the company and products.


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