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About CIEQ

Expo for Shanghai International Indoor Air Purification(CIEQ)started in 2004, jointly organized by Shanghai Indoor Environment purification Industry Association and Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., LTD., is the earliest domestic indoor environment purification subdivision professional exhibition.

CIEQ focuses on the big concept of hotel engineering and commercial space series exhibition, adhering to the green, health, science and environmental protection concept, seting up the “indoor air purification” as the new founded theme of the exhibition, showing the most cutting-edge indoor air purification of the total solution to the users and buliders of hotel, business center, a chain, catering, entertainment, hospital, nursing home, raise body care, leisure vacation, school, school construction, architectural design, municipal construction, municipal planning and other commercial space.

Exhibit Categories

Indoor Air Treatment Products

Ventilation System & Accessories

Air Purifier & Accessories

Air Purification Functional Materials

Central Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Air Cleaning Oberall Solution & Intelligent Control System

Fragrance Spreading Machine & Air Sterilization Products

Detecting Instruments & Detecting Institutions

Why Exhibit

Expo for International Indoor Air Purification, founded in 2004, has been held for the 18th time so far. Relying on the organizer’s global database of millions of buyers, CIEQ connects the upstream and downstream industrial chains and is supported by many industry associations around the world. In the exhibition site, there are many wonderful activities, and industry giants gathered to discuss the development of indoor air purification technology. At the same time, the exhibition area will be 210,000 square meters and more than 170,000 professional audience resources will be shared, which will bring more business opportunities for the exhibitors.

Exhibit Categories

· Property Management Company

· Cleaning Company

· Industry Dealer

· Air Management Company

· HVAC Engineering

· Medical Institutions / Colleges

· Building Materials Decoration

· Hotel / leisure and entertainment

Previous Exhibitors

Concurrent Events

China “Quality Air, Good Future” Theme Forum and Shanghai International Indoor Environment Purification Technology Forum

The forum focused on topics about how to create a healthy environment and how to improve indoor air quality in the new normal. It aims to provide a networking platform for researchers, decision-makers, social organizations, as well as insiders from the fields of environment, health and development. It also increases knowledge base, promotes the exchange of information between scholars of different disciplinary backgrounds, and boosts interdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation.

Indoor Air Control Skills Competition,2022

In order to bring air treatment into the audience of CCE and promote the integrated development of indoor air industry, Indoor Air Control Skills competition,2021 was sponsored by Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui indoor air purification industry associations. It contributed to the 18th Shanghai International Indoor Air Purification Exhibition on August 27.

Leading the direction of industrial development

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