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Since 2002, CCE seminars have taken place in 29 cities across China in the past 20 years, covering East China, North China, South China, Southwest China and Northwest China etc. As the pre-show events of CCE, the seminars integrate the exhibition with online and offline events, aiming at offering a marketing promotion platform for industry exhibitors.

In 2023, CCE seminars, working together with industry associations and outstanding suppliers, will be respectively held in Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen. With different themes, we will take a deep dive into local market, solidified communication with local end users, bring cleaning solutions for industry professionals, share cutting-edge industry information and knowledge, identify the industry development trends.

2023 CCE Seminar Tour

Review of CCE Seminar in Chengdu

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The event promotion channel included industry association, mass media, industry media, press release, WeChat, Weibo, video media and more, and also received extensive coverage from SCTV, Sichuan Culture, Toutiao, NetEase News, Baidu and so on.

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Highlights of CCE Seminar in Chengdu

Review of 2nd Edition Sichuan Cleaning Skills Competition

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