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Your cooperation for effective prevention and control of the epidemic and maintenance of public health security is highly appreciated when visiting the live 2022 CCE.

Based on the‘Prevention and Control Guidelines of the New Corona Virus (COVID-19) for the Shanghai Exhibition Industry’, 2022 CCE will utilize the ‘Real Name Pre-Registration System’ and ‘ID/Passport On-site Scanning’ procedures for venue entry. The organizing committee agrees: Not to disclose personal information (ID number, passport number, phone number) in any form. ID number or passport number shall be destroyed after a certain period at the end of the exhibition.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully before arriving at the event:

1.To receive a free visitor badge, please finish the online ‘Real Name Pre-Registration’ by 24:00, December 10, 2020 (UTC/GMT+08:00). Onsite registration costs CNY 100.

2. Please bring the original copy of your passport or ID card together with your pre-registered visitor badge for ID verification onsite.

3.Before entering the venue, all visitors are required to show a “Green Health Code”, take temperature checks and wear masks.

If you don’t have the “Health Code”, please scan the QR code via WeChat to enter the “China Government Service Platform”. Click “Health Code Traveler Version” at the homepage. Follow the instructions to obtain your “Health Code”.

4.After entering the entrance lobby, please go to the International Visitor Registration Counter with your Passport or ID Card for Real-Name Verification.

Onsite Prevention and Control Measures

The well-being of our community remains our top priority and as an Organized Gathering we will be implementing the World Health Organization’s recommended prevention measures, as well as following the steps advised by the Shanghai government and health authorities.


  • All public areas in the venue will be disinfected 3 times a day.
  • All onsite attendees are required to complete ID verification, take temperature checks and wear masks.
  • Temporary observation points will be set up. If any abnormal body temperature is detected, the person will be transferred to the observation point for a second temperature check. If necessary, isolation and medical treatment will be arranged.
  • The main entrances of the venue will be equipped with hand sanitizers.
  • Continuous ventilation will be assured in the venue.
  • All attendees will be reminded regularly to maintain a safe social distance at all times.