March 29 - April 1 , 2021


Event 2021

Intelligence and Craftsmanship Series of Forum


More than 10 property and cleaning industry professional forums were held on site. More than 200 influential industry luminaries at home and abroad also shared professional solutions. Nearly 3000 professional listeners from commercial real estate development units, hotels, department store management companies and property management, cleaning field attended the conference.


China Cleaning Skill Competition


During the exhibition, many competitions were set up, such as air management competition, floor washing, window cleaning, dust pushing, carpet cleaning, stone maintenance, stone maintenance and so on. These competitions fully showcase the latest technologies and innovative developments in cleaning services and air purification for the industry audience. At the same time, let the target industry users try and experience the functional features of the product, so that the professional skills competition and special products can gain more attention and influence.


Cleaning Equipment Live Demo Zone


In order to show the innovative equipment and leading technology of domestic and foreign cleaning industry and sanitation industry, as well as the improvement of intelligent application level and management efficiency, the exhibition site specially set up a real scene demonstration area. Gathering domestic and foreign Top30 cleaning equipment and intelligent service brands, all-round appreciation of the huge change from traditional sanitation to intelligent sanitation, open a smart cleaning show!


Golden Palace 2021 & CCE Award 2021


‘Golden Award’ has been upgraded to a more diversified, more authoritative, more in-depth, more comprehensive award "Golden Palace". Representatives of well-known real estate developers, hotel management groups at home and abroad, business management companies and professional associations at home and abroad formed the jury, and more than 10 awards were selected after strict screening.


Ideas from All Sides on Chinese Cleaning Industry Series Forum


The program was a large-scale talk show series jointly planned and produced by the CCE organizer and the Multispacecoop. The program consists of several unit forums with different topics. Dozens of experts and business elites from the property, cleaning, air purification and stone maintenance industries have participated as guests.